Co-housing is…
  • Community Oriented

    A co-housing community is greater than the sum of its individual parts and works to provide security for its members in all possible respects: financial, physical and social. There is a fundamental ethic of co-caring.

  • Participatory & Inclusive

    Co-housing fair and transparent. The structure encourages this and it is up to the members and managers to maintain this principle and develop it further. All members enjoy an equal voice within the community and can contribute to the well-being of the neighbourhood.

  • Socially & Environmentally Friendly

    Co-housing is designed to facilitate community health & well being through barrier-free design and the quality and abundance of common spaces. Good design also means quality, eco-friendly construction which keeps operating costs low.

  • Altruistic & Unifying

    Co-housing is about meeting the varied needs of the members on an individual basis versus a homogeneous or institutional response. As with any worthwhile endeavor, cooperation needs to be cultivated and nurtured.

  • Encourage Healthy Active Lifestyles

    Homes face each other across pedestrian walkways, cars are kept to the periphery, and inviting common spaces are plentiful. Outdoor spaces usually include community gardens, walking paths, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and green spaces.

  • Cooperative & Collaborative

    Co-housing supports a sustainable lifestyle that builds relationships and resilience based on trust, care and reciprocity. A strong sense of community is promoted by the layout of the neighborhood. Neighbors help one another through life’s transitions.


  • We are a catalyst for creating environmentally and socially sustainable co-housing communities,
  • We empower people to choose an active community lifestyle by guiding the functional design of Healthy Built Neighbourhoods,
  • We create effective professional partnerships to ensure the best skills, knowledge and experience available for the collaborative planning of our EcoVillages,
  • We guide our cohousing groups in self-governance and Co-Care Living for the success of their community.


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